XS Sports SB350 Exercise Bike Review

In 2018, the XS Sports SB350 exercise bike has started outranking many best-selling indoor cycles from the market and got wide-spread fame. Many people started switching to this exercise bike, to get the best value for their money. All thanks to its incredible construction, quality, and featured-rich nature.
But is it even suitable for you? And even if it does, what does it take to be the suitable option for you? or a folding exercise bike is best for you?
Let us expose it all to you in this detailed XS Sports SB350 Exercise Bike Review, where you will get to know all about its features, along with the pros and cons, and what to expect.
So let’s get the ball rolling;

XS Sports SB350 Fitness Exercise Bike For Indoor Cardio Exercise

XS Sports SB350 Fitness Exercise Bike (Detailed Review)

There are a bunch of features that are incorporated in this bike, which have become a crucial part of its success. And we are about to explore all of them at first; to know what we should expect. Let’s have a look.

 Solid Construction 

When cycling an indoor bike, it should have a solid base and firm construction, as it helps in, stability. Considering this, XS Sports SB350 is constructed with only the steel material and the solid structure.
No matter how hard you start pedalling and move back and forth, the stability of the bike remains the same. All this ensures that you can achieve your serious workout goals rightly, and you won’t ever have to struggle in making it stick tight at one position all the time.

XS Sports SB350 Exercise Bike Side View

 Adjustable handlebars and seats 

Most of the exercise bikes make your workout sessions uncomfortable and struggling. This is all because of cycling in an inappropriate and uncomfortable posture. Better to avoid the one, which can’t serve you with your customized comfortable posture.
Though, with the XS Sports SB350, you will never have to face any of such issues, as it is equipped with adjustable handlebars and seats. It allows you to easily turn the bike into the form of your comfort, by adjusting the handle and seats accordingly.
Despite being affordable, its handlebar also features pulse sensors, which aids you to track the burned calories with the help of your heart rate measurement. This way, you can plan and control your workout session’s intensity.

XS Sports SB350 Handles

 Electronic Display 

Electronic Display is another interesting feature to help you out to track your workout sessions. Though the display is not advanced, it is only good enough to measure all the key data including; speed, distance, scanning time, total distance covered, calories, and pulse.
Other than that, the display is not much complicated but easy to understand and use for everyone. Even if you are new to an indoor exercise bike, still tracking data on it will be a breeze for you.

 Hold Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated, while exercising on the indoor bike is a must. Otherwise, you could have to face the injury during the process, while stamina getting reduced. Along with that, sweat makes you lose the water of your body, which must be replenished.
The best way to remain hydrated while pedalling an exercise bike is to keep drinking a small amount of water every while.
You might be thinking, why are we mentioning all this here!
It is to bring your attention to a minor yet important feature of XS Sports SB350, which is the water bottle holder. It allows you to have easy access to water, to keep yourself hydrated, without interrupting your workout.

XS Sports SB350 Bottle Holder

 8 KG Solid Steel Flywheel 

For sure, no one can replace the joyful feel of cycling outdoors, but stimulation can be done. This is exactly what the XS Sports SB350 has achieved by featuring an 8 KG solid steel flywheel in front. It provides you almost the same feeling that you get in outdoor cycling, as it stores the energy and aids you by bringing smoothness in the flow.
Another best part of this wheel is the different varied resistance. You can use the crank, available under the handlebar, to ultimately adjust its resistance level as per your own choice. Without a doubt, by doing so, you get the best benefits out of your workout.

 Emergency stop 

There are many reasons to put your bike out of your control, and the flywheel, to keep spinning so speedily that it becomes hard for you to catch up with. Therefore, along with the crank, the manufacturers have also installed an emergency brake system in the bike.
As soon as you realize the bike is going out of your control, you can press it, to instantly stop the wheel movement within a fraction of a second. It gives you a sense of safety and security, whenever you start pedalling it down.


Unlike many indoor bikes, SB350 does not make too much noise when you are working out.
You can use it even in the early morning, without causing a disturbance to the rest of the sleeping members of your home. Only the clinking sound of the chain is what you must expect while pedalling it. Other than that, it is the quietest bike to have.

XS Sports SB350 Exercise Bike Pedals


It does not come fully assembled, and you are supposed to invest time in setting it up. Though, assembling it won’t be a hurdle for you at all. You can get it done easily, with the help of tools and manual instructions provided along with a bike.
Roughly, the entire process would take 20-30 minutes of your time, if the process is known to you. Otherwise, only 10-20 additional minutes will be needed for those who are new to this, to understand the process using a manual.


These all were the features, which makes it the best option to have. But there are some limitations associated with SB350 as well.
Have a look at them;

  • Many people found its seat uncomfortable despite being adjustable, because of its relatively smaller size.
  • The electronic display is basic.


Weight Capacity: 100kg
Item Dimensions: 109 x 48 x 108 centimetres
Item Weight: 28 Kilograms
Colour: Black & Red
Manufacturer: XS Sports
Rating: 4.4 (90% Positive Reviews)

  • Solid Construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable Price
  • Enhanced comfort level due to adjustable feature
  • Stable during Exercise
  • 8 kg FlyWheel for Extreme Level of Challange
  • Accurate Fitness Tracking System
  • Tablet Holder
  • Pedals with Anti-Slip Coating for user safety
  • Clinking noise of chain
  • Smaller sized seat
  • No Backrest

 Final Thoughts 

Either you are a professional or a beginner, this indoor bike would be good enough to make your workout sessions a breeze. We would recommend giving it a shot, for its comfortability, durability, ease of use, solid construction, and featured-rich nature. We covered everything in our XS Sports SB350 Exercise Bike Review to help you decide if it is for you or not. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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