Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes for Adults and Elderly [2022]

We get it: “You are here to get yourself the best mini exercise bike available in the market.”
But, can you rely on counterfeit brands selling cheap bikes that are of no use after one month?
Absolutely not!
This is where we come to your RESCUE. After analyzing almost 20 different mini exercise bikes considering features like durability, resistance levels, and versatility, we’ve come up with a list of top-rated pedal exercisers.
Get ready to find out the best mini exercise bike reviews and choose the one that looks most appealing to you.
Have a look:

Best Seller
NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser

NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser

  • Lightweight and Cheap
  • For Low Impact Rehabilitation
  • Adjustable Pedal Resistance
Best Overall
DeskCycle2 Mini Exercise Bike

DeskCycle2 Mini Exercise Bike

  • Premium Quality Peddler
  • Quiet Magnetic Resistance
  • Reliable & Sturdy
Best Pick
Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise Bike

Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise Bike

  • Suitable for any age
  • Accurate Fitness Tracking
  • Smooth Pedaling

The 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes & Peddlers of 2022

1New DeskCycle2New DeskCycle2 Mini Exercise Bike★★★★Read Review
2Aidapt DeluxeAidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal Exerciser for VAT relief★★★★★Read Review
3Mirafit Mini Exercise BikeMirafit Mini Exercise Resistance Bike★★★★★Read Review
4Ultrasport Mini Bike 50Ultrasport Mini Pedaller Cycle★★★★Read Review
566fit Exercise Bike66fit Folding Pedal Exerciser★★★★★Read Review
6MagneTrainer ERMagneTrainer ER Mini Exerciser★★★★★Read Review
7NRS Healthcare Pedal ExerciserNRS Rehabilitation Pedal Exerciser★★★★Read Review
8Ultrasport Mini Exercise BikeUltrasport Mini Exercise Cycle★★★★★Read Review
9Himaly Mini Exercise BikeHimaly Mini Pedal Exerciser for Women and Men★★★★Read Review
10Reviber MiniReviber Mini Motorised Exercise Bike★★★★Read Review

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1. New DeskCycle2 – Best Overall Mini Exercise Bike of 2022

New DeskCycle 2 Mini Exercise BikeStarting with none other than DeskCycle, the brand’s pretty much famous for producing some of the most versatile peddler exercise bikes. Taking a quick look at the New DeskCycle 2, it features a robust and sturdy design, is compact and portable, and makes sure that you get the best out of it with proper workouts.
That said, some of the technical features this exercise bike offers are as follows:

Ultra-Quiet Magnetic Resistance:

With special patented magnetic resistance from the manufacturer, it’s easy to enjoy frequent leg workouts whether you are working in an office or watching TV. The super-smooth pedal motion not only keeps your joints active but helps them to get stronger as well.

Adjustable Pedal Height:

Yet another feature that you’ll surely crave in this bike. With maximum height adjustment of pedals from 23cm to 25.5cm, you can position it ergonomically. Hence, it becomes easier to keep working out with the bike while sitting on a chair.

Vivid Display:

We know that everyone wants to keep track of how many calories they’ve lost while working on an exercise bike. Thanks to the updated LCD display of New DeskCycle 2, you can keep track of metrics like speed, time, distance covered, and calories burnt, etc.

8 Resistance Levels for Challenging Your Legs:

Wanna challenge your legs like never before? Adjust resistance settings to maximum and this mini exercise bike will make sure that it gets the best out of you. A simple yet easy to move knob is available just beside the pedal to adjust resistance settings.

Portable and Compact:

Believe it or not, but this mini exercise cycle offers portability. It barely weighs 10Kgs allowing users to carry it around from one room to another with ease and convenience.

Final Takeaways:

We love the New DeskCycle 2 for how versatile, portable and rugged it is and so will you. It’s one of the top-rated mini exercise bikes that you should consider if you want to keep yourself healthy in a limited time.

  • High-Quality 8 Level Magnetic Resistance
  • Noiseless
  • Smooth Pedaling
  • Lowest Pedal Height
  • LCD & Fitness Function
  • Track Burned Calories as well as speed, time, and distance
  • No Height Adjustment

2. Aidapt Deluxe – Best Mini Exercise Bike for Rehabilitation

Aidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal ExerciserUp next is a manufacturer that never disappoints when it comes to discussing motorized mini exercise bike reviews. This new Deluxe edition features a design that’s not too bulky. However, it didn’t satisfy us enough, especially when we compared it with the shape of New DeskCycle2. Anyways, the overall working is quite satisfactory and that’s the main reason it’s our 2nd top-rated peddler exercise bike.
Some of the major features it offers to go as under:

Motorised Pedal Resistance:

For starters, the bike features motorised pedal resistance, which enables the elderly to enhance their leg strengths easily. Mind you that it uses electric power, so you can control the speed settings without any hassle.

12 Speed Settings for Extensive Workouts:

The 12 different speed settings help people of almost all ages get the Exercise benefit from Aidapt Deluxe. Increasing or decreasing depends upon how much speed you could bear. You can change the speed using a remote control that already comes within the package.

Versatile Mini Electric Exercise Bike:

No matter how much you hate the shape of Aidapt Deluxe, it does offer versatility and we acknowledge this fact. For instance, it can be used while you sit on a chair for leg exercise. More than that, you can use it on top of a table to perform arms exercises accordingly.

Less Weighty:

As far as the weight is concerned, the mini exercise peddler barely weighs 5.5Kgs, which is half the weight of New DeskCycle 2. Keeping that in mind, we suggest this bike to people who are not allowed to burden themselves with extra weight.

Final Takeaways:

Known for Rehabilitation and casual Fitness at home, Aidapt Deluxe possesses all the extra features that make it an impressive exercising bike. Consider it if you want to keep your legs and arms agile enough.

  • Best for Rehabilitation and Fitness
  • Compact Design
  • 12 Level Speed System
  • Comes with a Remote Controller
  • Require Power Source

3. Mirafit Mini Exercise Bike – Best Budget Mini Exercise Bike

Mirafit Arm and Leg Mini ExerciseMirafit is all about “Reliability at an Affordable Rate” and it remains true to its motto. The manufacturer’s latest addition to the list of mini exercise bikes costs way less than the above mentioned bikes. It’s smart, portable, durable, and uses the flywheel mechanism, which is kinda meh, but still works for a good time.
Moving on with some of its features:

1.5Kg Flywheel Pedal Mechanism:

Although flywheel ain’t as impressive as compared to magnetic or motorised ones, it can still challenge your legs and arms. As you increase your speed, the resistance will increase accordingly.


Sit on a chair and use this exercise bike while watching TV, using a laptop, or reading a book. Similarly, you can place it on a table and enjoy working out on your arms. Both these options explain only one thing, i.e., “portability”.

Adjustable Resistance:

Meanwhile, Mirafit Mini also offers manual resistance adjustment. A sophisticated knob available on one end of the bike helps you adjust the level you want to work out on without any hassle.

Carrying Handle:

This carrying handle feature is what made us pick this affordable mini exercise bike. You can easily use the carrying handle to move the bike around anywhere you want.

LCD Display for Keeping Track of Your Workout:

Last but not the least, a multifunctional LCD display helps users track their time, speed, RPM, calories burnt, and covered distance conveniently. A red button present in the middle resets all data on the display to zero, so you can start over again.

Final Takeaways:

Not saying that this mini exercise bike is BEST in terms of features. But, the price tag it has got makes it one of the top-selling bikes in the UK. Consider it if you can’t afford expensive bikes in 2022.

  • Can be used for upper body and lower body exercise
  • Multifunction display to measure time, speed, distance, time and burned calories
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for a seated position
  • Resistance fades away over time

4. Ultrasport Mini Bike 50 – Best Mini Exercise Bike for Elderly [UK]

Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise BikeElder peeps who want to keep their joints active and agile could try the Ultrasport Mini Exercise Bike. It comes with a unique shape, has limitless pedalling features, and offers versatile workout modes at the same time. Besides, it’s available at an affordable rate, so that’s yet another plus point.
Talking about some of its highlighted features:

Pedal’s Design:

The pedals are designed in a way that you can use them both for legs and arms. On top of that, an adjustable strap makes sure that you enjoy working out with ultimate comfort.

2Kg Flywheel Resistance:

Compared to Aidapt Deluxe, Ultrasport uses a 2kg flywheel in its mini cycle exercise bike. Therefore, it offers an enhanced resistance system allowing young and elderly to challenge their leg and arm muscles.

Monitor Your Progress with Ultrasport 50:

Thanks to the training computer interface, the best compact exercise bike offers to monitor the progress as you utilize it. The LCD display is also there to keep you aware of your speed, distance covered, and calories, etc.

Strong Grip:

The rubber paddings on each side of the bike’s arm ensure immense traction no matter how ruthless you get with using it. Keep it on slippery places and tables, and it won’t move even an inch, thus allowing a perfect exercising interface.

Easy Assembly:

One more thing that we surely loved about this mini exercise bike is its assembly. You can easily assemble all the parts just by going through the user manual that’s already available in the package.

Final Takeaways:

Ultrasport Mini Exercise Bike 2 fulfils the demands of the elderly with its robust shape, lightweight body, and easy user interface. Check it out if you are aiming to get a chair exercise bike at a justified price tag.

  • Reliable Mini exercise bike
  • The maximum weight capacity is 100kg
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Accurate Fitness System
  • Almost Noiseless
  • Some Complains about user comfort

5. 66fit Exercise Bike – Best Cheap Mini Pedal Exercise Bike 2022

66fit Arm and Leg Folding Pedal ExerciserTo be completely honest here, 66Fit Exercise Bike has one of the simplest constructions out of all the bikes we’ve reviewed above. The brand has focused on increasing resistance levels only in this bike. So, we think it would be a good fit for Fitness Enthusiasts who want to keep their shoulders, arms, and legs in good shape.
Some of the features include:

Easy Frame Adjustment:

The bike does offer easy frame adjustment. You can increase or decrease its height depending upon your comfort and convenience.

Adjustable Pedal Strap:

More than that, the pedal strap is adjustable and quite versatile, i.e., you can use it for arms, legs, and shoulders exercise perfectly.

Durability with Stainless Steel Frame:

The cherry on top is that 66Fit has focused on making the frame lightweight yet durable. For that purpose, it uses stainless steel, which ensures sturdiness. A chrome finish, at last, keeps the bike away from rust and corrosion.

Non-Slippery Legs:

The rubber pads coverings ensure a strong grip no matter where you want to place the best mini exercise bike. Hence, fitness maniacs can enjoy intense training sessions with it properly.

Multiple Resistance Levels:

The flywheel resistance mechanism ensures users try their physique’s strength on different levels. Increase or decrease the resistance level using the knob and get the best out of your workout session accordingly.

Versatile and Portable Exercise Bike:

The last thing we’d want to point out is the bike’s versatility. You can use it for exercising your shoulder, arms, and leg muscles in a limited time.

Final Takeaways:

Rather a simple mini pedal exerciser with limited options and with no LCD display whatsoever. Not something we’d suggest to the elderly or ladies. It’s a good fit for gym freaks only.

  • Does not require power
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Noise-free
  • Cheap
  • Made fo Solid Material
  • Very Basic Model
  • No Fitness Tracking System

6. MagneTrainer ER – Original Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Original MagneTrainer Mini ExerciserWith an expensive price tag comes limitless features that users love while working out with mini exercise bikes. Talking of which, MagneTrainer has introduced one hell of a bike with so many options. In simple words, it has a robust body, durable construction, ultra-quiet peddling interface, and magnetic resistance. All these qualities make it one of the best options to check out in the UK market.
Talking about some of its main features:

Original Magnetic Resistance:

The bike comes with original magnetic resistance, thus making sure that users can enjoy quiet pedalling while working in an office or watching a TV at home.

Portable and Compact Enough:

Adding to that, MagneTrainer ER is compact and hence quite portable. You can use it while sitting on a chair and doing office work or at home. It can also be adjusted on a table to perform arms’ muscles workouts.

Velcro Pedal Straps:

This is one thing that you could not have noticed in the bikes we mentioned earlier. Velcro straps on pedals work like a charm and help you adjust your legs tightly on the pedals in a single go.

Ergonomically Placed LCD Display:

Good thing is that you won’t have to bother around here and there to track your workout progress. Just look exactly at the machine and you’ll see a large enough LCD display showing you your current progress. You can track your heart rate, calories burning rate, speed, and distance covered, etc.

Extra Accessories:

Want to try something out of the box? Get yourself extra accessories related to MagneTrainer ER and enjoy new and updated workout modules. Kindly note that the manufacturer sells these accessories separately and they aren’t included in the package.

Final Takeaways:

One for the future! MagneTrainer ER makes sure that the elderly can keep their joints active and healthy. The machine costs a good amount of money, so check out your pocket before you think about the bike.

  • Powerful magnetic resistance system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Solid and reliable
  • Adjustable Pedal Straps
  • Suitable for any age person
  • No Cons

7. NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser – Best for Recovering from an Injury

NRS Healthcare Pedal ExerciserMost orthopaedics we know in the UK have given their verdict to go with NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser for quick injury recovery. Why? Because the bike has a simple shape and an effective resistance mechanism. On top of that, it costs even less than the Mirafit Mini that we discussed above. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?
Anyways, some of its features go as under:

Small yet Intuitive LCD Display:

Nothing like the displays available with modern mini exercise bikes, but works out quite well. You can track your speed, distance, calories, and time duration of the workout with it perfectly.

Pedal Resistance:

The flywheel installed in the peddler exercise bike helps people with leg injuries recover in a short period. Users can also adjust pedal resistance as per their will and wish.

Toe Straps on Pedals:

Something exceptional! You’d get pedals with toe straps that will completely lock your feet and allow you to focus on the exercise only.

Solid Grip with Rubber Padded Legs:

All 4 legs of the bike come covered with rubber padding that avoids any unnecessary slipping situation. It, therefore, allows you to keep up with your recovery progress without causing any hurdles.

Final Takeaways:

As we said already, NRS Healthcare is a suitable fit for those recovering from leg injuries. It helps the joints and leg muscles to stay strong and healthy enough with proper blood circulation. Consider it only if you need a mini exercise bike for a limited time.

  • Perfect for Rehabilitation
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Smooth & Quiet Pedaling Experience
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Basic Fitness system
  • Looks very cheap
  • Limited Resistance in pedaling

8. Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise Bike – Exercise Everywhere

Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise BikeThe Exercise Bike 50 we discussed earlier from Ultrasport weighed around 6Kgs. Compared to that, this latest bike from Ultrasport is quite lightweight and features almost the same options as its predecessor. You can use it everywhere, i.e. while lying on a bed, sitting on a chair, or while doing office work. This much versatility surely makes it one of the best pedal exercisers in the market.
Some of the major features include:

Resistance Level Adjustment:

The 2 Kg flywheel offers immense resistance and helps people of different ages enjoy their workouts. Turn the knob anti-clockwise if you want to start a workout with “Beginner Road Cycling Mode.” Similarly, turn it clockwise if you want “Expert Cycling mode”.

Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity:

With a 100Kgs maximum weight-bearing capacity, it’s easier for elderly and chubby people to work out on their physiques and body. Mind you that the bike pushes leg and arms muscles to an extreme level of resistance as you increase your speed.

Intuitive LCD Display:

Same as its predecessor. The LCD display comes with features like speed, time duration, calories burnt, and heart rate, etc.

Carrying Handle for Portability:

An easy to carry handle installed at the back of the bike allows a user to carry it around with convenience. That’s one of the reasons we suggest this mini bike to people who cannot burden themselves with extra weight.


Made with a stainless steel alloy, the bike maintains its shape and works efficiently for many years to come. Thus, you can rely on it for a long time.

Final Takeaways:

An exercise bike with a lightweight design and improved flywheel resistance from Ultrasport can help older people to maintain their fitness for a long time.

  • One of the best selling min exercise bike
  • Comfortable design
  • built-in fitness system
  • Long Lasting Resistance
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Track burned calories, speed, time and distance
  • Some user complains about resistance

9. Himaly Mini Exercise Bike – Portable Pedal Exerciser for Home

Himaly Mini Exercise BikeAnother affordable option up for grabs with a portable shape and efficient resistance mechanism. Himaly offers versatility in its new mini exercise bike at a cheap rate and that’s not even a debate. The bike performs better than most of the counterfeit models and manufacturers. That’s the reason we suggest it to the peeps who cannot spend a large fortune on a minibike.
Some of its features include:

Adjustable Pedal Resistance:

Adjust its resistance the way you want and keep your leg and arms muscles healthy and active enough whether you are working in an office or watching a TV at home.

Lightweight and Portable Bike:

As already mentioned above, the bike is light in weight and this option increases its portability. Barely weighing only 4Kgs, you can use it anywhere you want without facing any hurdle.

Pedal Straps for Locked In Feet:

Adjustable pedal straps are also there. Make good use of them and adjust them according to your legs size, to enjoy an aggressive workout full of sweat.

Digital Display Available:

A bit smaller than what we expected, but works like a charm. The LCD display keeps a track of your progress. More than that, you can reset it anytime you want to start over the workout again.

Easy to Assemble:

Assembling the bike is as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife. You get all assembling parts in the package and with the help of the user manual, you can assemble it within a few minutes without the help of any major tool.

Anti-Slip Interface:

Both the bike’s legs and pedals come with non-slip rubber, thus keeping everything solid enough. You can, therefore, focus on the exercise without worrying about anything.

Final Takeaways:

A cheap mini exercise bike with improved and advanced features from Himaly makes it a perfect option for homes and offices.

  • Difference exercise modes for legs and arms
  • Multi-Function Fitness system
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Futuristic Design
  • Almost Noiseless
  • Pedal quality is not so great

10. Reviber Mini – Best Motorised Exercise Bike

Reviber Mini Motorised Exercise BikeEnding the motorised exercise bike reviews with one of the latest additions from Reviber. Its bike features an electric working interface with a proper motorisation resistance mechanism. Moreover, it features a sophisticated remote controller that allows you to change different options with a single press.
Breaking down its features:

Motorised Resistance Mechanism:

Makes it a perfect option for rehabilitation or for those who want to recover from leg or arms muscles injuries within a short time.

Remote Control Access:

The remote control comes with a 1.8 meters long cable allowing you to change different settings of the bike while you sit on the chair comfortably. Utilize it accordingly.

Small LCD Display:

Yet intuitive and full of tracking metrics such as speed, heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt, and time duration, etc. It keeps you on track with every workout you want to carry out.

Extremely Durable:

Made with military-grade ABS material, the bike prolongs its efficiency for many years to come. Good thing is that the manufacturer also offers a two-year guarantee on labour and parts of the bike, hence, ensuring peace of mind.

Ergonomic Pedals with Large Adjustable Straps:

Offers a locked-in fit and keeps the feet ergonomically placed on the bike for a long time. Therefore, exercising on Reviber Mini becomes more convenient than expected.

Final Takeaways:

One of the most advanced mini exercise bikes with a plethora of workout options. Check it out before it’s too late.

  • Best Motorised Pedaling system
  • Handheld controller with long wire
  • Easy to use
  • Track burned calories, speed, distance and time
  • Large Pedals with adjustable straps
  • 12 Level Speed Setting
  • Does not work well on slippery floor

Mini Exercise Bike Buying Guide 2022: How to Choose the Best One?

While discussing mini exercise bikes, one thing is quite evident that finding a reliable bike is no piece of cake.
It requires immense research, proper testing, and some other key factors that make a bike a good fit for a home or office.
Keeping these things in mind, we’ve decided to help you out with the buying guide.
The emphasis remains on selecting the best mini exercise bike, so never ignore the following features:

1. Resistance Mechanism:

A resistance mechanism works as a backbone in a peddler exercise bike.
That said, the type of resistance available in a specific bike shows what it’s capable of.
Normally we talk about three different resistance mechanisms, i.e., Magnetic, Motorised, and Flywheel.
Here are how the three different mechanisms work out:

  • Magnetic Resistance Mechanism:
    It uses a magnetic field around the disc plate, thus creating resistance that increases with the increase in speed of a bike.
    Machines with this type of mechanism have expensive price tags. However, they are quite durable and can work without any direct electric power as well.
    Note: Modern mini exercise bikes mostly use magnetic resistance for an effective workout interface.
  • Motorised Resistance Mechanism:
    It uses the resistance caused by an electric motor.
    Bikes with this kinda mechanism usually use electric power to work properly and they are even more expensive than magnetic resistance bikes.
    However, we recommend motorised bikes to old and elderly people who only want to maintain their joint strength with little to normal exercise.
  • Flywheel Resistance Mechanism:
    The most common mechanism out there.
    It uses manual force to increase or decrease the resistance based on your speed.
    Bikes with this type of mechanism usually have an affordable price tag and they are suitable for athletes and young people.

2. Durability:

An exercise bike, without a durable construction, is just a piece of trash that will soon become distorted.
It’s better that you focus on the core material of your bike, i.e. from which material it’s made.
In this aspect, always go for a bike that comes with either stainless steel or a steel alloy construction.
You can also opt for machines with durable ABS plastic as a primary constructing material.
Other than that, don’t trust anything else or you’ll regret your decision later.

3. Portability:

One of the reasons mini exercise bikes were invented was to provide portability and ease of exercising in a limited period.
For a portable machine, you need to make sure that it’s lightweight so that carrying it around becomes easy.
Also, focus on its overall build and see whether it’s compact enough or not.
Last but not the least, look out for bikes that come with a carrying handle as this feature makes them extremely portable and easily transportable.

4. Resistance Adjustment:

Another important aspect that you should never let go of while choosing the best mini exercise bike.
Manual resistance adjustment allows users to exercise the way they want and not the other way around.
This way they can assess their physical strength and adjust the bike’s resistance accordingly.
If you don’t want to miss out on this feature, then make sure that your mini bike comes with a resistance adjustment knob so that you can adjust it easily.

5. Pedals Mechanics:

We’ve frequently noticed that users don’t think about the pedals while selecting a mini exercise bike.
It’s one of the most horrendous mistakes a person can make.
The size and shape of the pedals matter a lot and you’ll notice it while working out on maximum resistance levels.
Make sure that the pedals are not too large. A good way to check out is to test the bike’s pedals before making the last call.
Finally, don’t sleep on the adjustment of pedals as well. Adjusting pedals help keep feet in a natural position on the pedals.

6. LCD Display:

Something to keep a track of your progress is always better than working brainlessly for a long time, right?
If you want to avoid working out with no progress, then choose an exercise bike that comes with an LCD display.
Most of the bikes with displays show some important metrics such as heart rate, speed of your cycling, distance covered, and calories burnt, etc.
These metrics could help you track your progress and will push you to new challenges at the same time.
So, choose a bike with an LCD display if you want to monitor your workout progress easily.

Infographic of Top 10 Mini Exercise Bikes of 2022

Infographic - Best Mini Exercise Bikes of UK in 2021

To Conclude:

Mini exercise bikes are suitable for people who don’t have enough time to head out to gyms every day.
They improve leg and arm muscle strength quite perfectly and are not too bulky at the same time.
We’ve given all relevant information regarding selecting a reliable mini bike.
Follow the guidelines in the buying guide section and then make your decision from the above-mentioned reviews accordingly.


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