Are Exercise Bikes Good For Weight Loss? Burn Fat with Less Effort

Yes, you can lose weight by using exercise bikes which are easy on joints. You will not only lose weight with an exercise bike, but it will also increase your stamina to do daily life tasks easily.

Many people find it easier to lose weight with an exercise bike than heavy exercises and weight loss diet plans. The users say that burning calories with an exercise bike is a little slow but worthy process.

However, many factors do affect how much calories you lose in your workout with the exercise bike. Below, We have discussed what type of exercise bike you should buy and what tips you should follow to lose more weight in less time.

Loss Weight With Exercise Bike – Tips for Better Results

Losing weight with an exercise bike is possible but there are ways to lose more weight in less time. Follow these instructions and you will see progress in few days. If you have any question feel free to comment below.

1) Get the Right Type of Exercise Bike

They are many types of exercise bikes available including, stationary exercise bike, folding bike, recumbent bike, spin bike, and air bike. If you don’t know the difference between these fitness bikes, check out our other articles on these exercise bikes. However, if you want an affordable and portable exercise bike for weight loss, buy the best folding exercise bike. We have a detailed article on it.

Remember, A stationary or Foldable Exercise bike is more effective for weight loss than any other type of exercise bike.
According to some sources, you can lose up to 600 Calories per hour with a folding exercise bike if you weigh 84 kg. On the other hand, a recumbent bike burns only 300 calories per hour.

Researches claim that low calory diet and a daily 30-minute workout session with an exercise bike will give you extraordinary results. Moreover, daily exercise keeps your mind and body fresh for a productive day.

2) Do Interval Training

Interval training tends to offer better results and increase your metabolism. On the other hand, long excessive cardio sessions burn more muscle mass than fat. Our advice is to take short breaks when doing cardio exercises.

Tip: Doing exercise daily for 20-30 minutes is better than doing a 2-hour session in a week.

3) Stay In Your Fat-Buring Zone

If you keep yourself in your Fat-Burning Zone, you will lose more body fat than muscle mass. To do that, choose a quality exercise bike and an accurate blood pressure monitor or buy a folding exercise bike that has both. For a personalized fat-burning interval, you should contact your doctor.

The Generic Formula to calculate Fat-Burning Zone is

55% * (220 – your_age ) to 80% * (220 – your_age )

For example, if you are 40 years old, the fat-burning zone will be between 99 to 144 bpm.

4) Get Enough Rest

Some people are over motivated for any task but lose interest after few days because they push themselves too far. If you want to lose weight, do small but daily exercise sessions. Your body needs rest and time to recover stamina and willpower to keep going. Painful muscles and stress hormones affect your weight loss rate in a harmful way. Remember, doing daily exercise is better than doing once a week.

5) Try Strength Training

Strength Training is essential to increase your body strength and to increase muscle mass. You don’t need to lift heavy weights to increase your strength, and an exercise bike is enough. Consult a doctor or physical trainer for a personalized workout routine for strength training with an exercise bike. Some exercise bikes come with built resistance bands for upper body workouts.

Moreover, strength training increases your muscle mass and burns calories even when you are sleeping. With a faster metabolic rate, you can lose more weight in less time.

Our thoughts on Can You Lose Weight with Exercise Bike?

Yes, you can lose weight with an exercise bike. Indoor exercise bikes do not burn calories as much as other cardio exercises, but you still lose a decent amount of fat without putting your body under heavy pressure.

Exercise Bikes is a great way to lose weight if you don’t want to do heavy diets and exercise. Many users find it easy, and it keeps them motivated to lose weight. On the other hand, factors like body weight, gender, age, and health issue affect how fast you will lose weight.
But, if you follow our advice and use the right exercise bike, you can lose weight in no time.


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