ZAAP Fitness Folding X-Bike Review

Zaap Fitness Folding X-Bike Review

Zaap fitness folding x-bike is an ideal recumbent upright exercise bike for new users, standard users, and everyday users. A fat user can easily use this gym bike without any jerky effects. It is made with alloy material that makes it sturdy and floor-friendly. Its seat is very comfortable because it comes with a backrest and handgrip around it. The necessary features required in a gym bike for a good workout are present in this model. Let us know about its features.

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 Recumbent Frame of Zaap Fitness Folding X-BIke 

Zaap Fitness Folding X-Bike in Folding Position

The heavy-duty steel frame makes this gym bike more solid to carry heavyweight. The recumbent body shape provides you considerable space and more comfortability use, especially for fat users. Also, the look is attractive and stylish as well as its foldable mechanism does not take up space in your room. You can easily stow it in a small cabinet or side of the wall.
Moreover, the flywheel is very smooth and noiseless because of its magnetic resistance gear. It has eight levels of resistance changed by a circular twist button according to your exercising mode.

 LCD and Heartbeat Monitoring System 

Health Meter of Zaap Fitness Folding X-Bike

The LCD in Zaap Fitness folding x-bike is large as compared to other models. It displays all necessary measurements like speed, time, pulse rate, the distance you cover in one session, and calories burnt. Note that it only shows one value at one time. There are three buttons on the console. One is for mode changing, other two are for set and reset functions. You can easily set values according to your daily exercise routine and reset them if needed. Too, the whole console is battery-powered. You don’t have to worry about electric charging.

 Pulse Sensors 

The pulse rate is monitored by the sensors programmed in the handlebars as when you grip it, the sensors measure your pulse and display it on LCD. But this device does not give 100% accurate measurements as this feature is not very good.

 Seat with handgrip around it 

Seat with handgrip of Zaap Fitness Folding X-Bike

The handgrip feature added more importance to this model because it is not common in every exercise bike. It is helpful for fat users because they can grip these handles and avoid shaking during exercise. It also has an adjustable component to adjust the seat height according to the user. The material used in making the seat cushion is smooth and comfortable. It does not irritate you in long cycling sessions.
Any person can do a good workout at home without any weather issues at a low price.

 Smooth Pedals 

Height Adjustment feature of Zaap Fitness Folding X-Bike

Due to magnetic tension gears, the pedalling becomes very smooth and noiseless. The position of the pedals is soo perfect as it does not harm the knees and feet of any user. During exercising, You can watch TV or listen to music without any disturbance or noise of pedals. The flywheel is potentially firm and lightweight, having different resistance levels. Some models of this gym bike have safety straps, and some don’t.


The whole exercise bike is balanced efficiently due to the stabilisers on both ends. Each stabiliser has rubber shells that grip the floor tightly and prevent jerky movements while cycling. The transportation of this exercise bike is easy because you can place it wherever you want with the help of stabilisers and its lightweight body.


The assembling part is attractive and easy. The frame comes in one piece, and other components come separately in packing. You have to assemble parts with bolts and nuts according to the description.


Foldable: Yes
Weight Capacity: 110kg
Item Dimensions: 119 x 53 x 102 centimetres
Flywheel: 1.5 kg
Item Weight: 17 Kilograms
Colour: Black, Blue and Pink
Display: LCD
Meter: Heart Rate, Speed, Calories Burned, Time, Distance.
Manufacturer: ZAAP
Batteries: 2 AA batteries are required.
Department: For Both Men & Women.
Rating: 4.5

  • Stylish, foldable, and sturdy frame
  • Seat with a handgrip around it
  • Recumbent position for more relaxation
  • Carry heavyweight
  • User-friendly Manual
  • Reasonable price
  • Options for seat adjustment are minimum
  • Least accurate pulse sensors


The most noticeable selling feature of the ZAAP fitness folding recumbent bike is that it is a user-friendly manual and maintenance-free gym bike. Every heavyweight user, tall user, or beginner can use this one model efficiently. This exercise bike has many benefit-able features at a low and reasonable price. Undoubtedly, you can accomplish a perfect workout at home without any problems of weather or noise.

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